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The Business Building Rockstars Show with Nicole Holland

Oct 18, 2017

Jordan Gill is the Head Honcho of a business operations firm - The Kolada Group-

that  serve service-based and digital product business owners who are wasting their time on manual tasks that could easily be automated or delegated.

She love giving entrepreneurs  their time back to work more in their zone of genius OR...

Sep 18, 2017

I've so loved creating this show for you and overall being a podcaster. It's changed my entire life.

With so many changes I'm sort of stuck in a transition mode at the moment and to get through it I have to stop spreading myself so thin. 

With the Business Building Rockstar Summit right around the corner, client work to...

Sep 13, 2017

An award-winning speechwriter, Elaine Bennett helps corporate leaders tell their stories memorably.

She also teaches writing to entrepreneurs and others who want to become leaders.

A great believer in the benefits of writing every day, Elaine runs 5-day and 90-day writing challenges to help people start their own daily...

Sep 6, 2017

Cardiff D. Hall has a passion for life and helps individuals gain clarity so they can achieve.

With 25 years of experience in marketing and sales as a Sales Executive, he has a desire to live life with a purpose, impacting adults and most recently children, in his Tide Turners Kids Entrepreneurs Program.

His first book...

Aug 30, 2017

Michele PW (Pariza Wacek) is the best-selling author of “Love-Based Copywriting" books that teach how to write copy that attracts, inspires and invites, and the owner of Creative Concepts and Copywriting LLC, the premiere direct response copywriting and marketing agency through which she guides entrepreneurs in...