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The Nicole Holland Show

Nov 21, 2016

Beverly Fells Jones is an International speaker on the topics of Intuitive Memory, Law of Attraction, Success, and Conscious Living. She has started coaching after a full career and has always had a side business and decided to simply not sit down after retiring.

She came upon The Secret and realized that she has been doing it all her life. Making the transition to the business came from her desire to learn more.

Beverly is doing a lot of one-to-one work lately. She has realized that 9 out of 10 people are living their life unconsciously, just moving along, not setting intention on what they wanna do.

When is was starting something, she makes a commitment to learn all the information she can get and sets to learn all about it as she did when she was starting with coaching. At 70,  she set out to learn about social marketing and connects with her followers thru Facebook and Twitter.


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