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The Nicole Holland Show

Dec 12, 2016

While still in his mid-twenties, Nathan Chan felt there weren't any business magazines that he could really relate to.

He wanted to read something that delved deep into the world of a successful entrepreneur -- showing their processes, failures, obstacles and challenges.

And one that ultimately taught others straight from the mouths of the best in the world.

Wanting to personally discover the answers to all his questions about the daily struggles of starting a successful business, Nathan began to go out and interview world-changing entrepreneurs in the hope that he could learn from them and with that, Nathan created Foundr magazine.

Since its inception, Foundr has quickly become a top ranked 10 ‘Business & Investing’ Magazine in the AppStore and is currently supporting hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs across multiple platforms and resources.

To learn more about Nathan visit and to reserve your copy of his beautiful and timeless book on kickstarter visit