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On the Business Building Rockstars Show - aka BBRShow - host Nicole Holland inspires both new and seasoned entrepreneurs through a variety of interview and solo episodes. Every Tuesday Nicole shares a tech tip with her audience about a cool tool or resource or how to hack a process. On Wednesdays she invites successful entrepreneurs across a wide range of niches into the hotseat for a frank and unscripted discussion about what it really took for them to reach Rockstar status. Nicole regularly receives messages from listeners who have gained enormous insights and value from these interviews, which could potentially save them years of struggle and heaps of money by avoiding the first-hand lessons learned by Nicole and her guests. Nicole also mixes things up by throwing in a bonus episode when she gets inspired to do so, so expect the unexpected here! If you're looking for real-talk without a bunch of fluffy BS, you're going to love this show. Follow Nicole on Twitter at @niczthename and visit for show notes, resources, and more.
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Dec 23, 2016

Alexandra Harbushka is on a mission to help women understand life's real world essentials. Recognizing that there is a need in today's society to encourage and help women understand the basic essentials in life.

She sums up life's essentials for a Real World Woman into three categories; Sex, Money and Food. There really is little education out there to help women have healthy relationships with all three categories. Alexandra believes there is nothing sexier than a woman with confidence.

Her goal is to help women understand the balance of life within every aspect, and to help other women have a healthy relationship with life. She hosts a podcast one time a week called, Sex, Money and Food, where she invites industry experts to the show. Alexandra and the guests are able to provide the expertise and advice to help others grow and become more confident.

Alexandra has had a very successful career for more than a decade in corporate America. Upon graduating from the University of Arizona, she began selling residential real estate. At the age of 24 she was nominated for the Sales And Marketing (SAM) award for salesperson of the year in 2006. She then continued on in the real estate world but shifted over to the mortgage side. With her marketing expertise, Alexandra became the Marketing Director for a successful origination team and helped propel them to the number one originating team in the country for a multi-billion dollar mortgage company. This provided great experience and exposure to hone her skills, become an entrepreneur and launch her business.

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