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The Nicole Holland Show

Nov 30, 2016

Don Hutcheson is a lifelong entrepreneur, inventor, author and coach.

He hosts the daily podcast: “Discover Your Talent—Do What You Love,” which he created to help you find your true talents and use them to build a career of success, satisfaction and freedom.

He’s never had a “boss” and has created 6...

Nov 28, 2016

Kim Ades owns a coaching company and coaches thru a method called frame of mind coaching. They look at how people think and how their thinking impacts their life. They help people who are very driven, businessmen and entrepreneurs, and who have very large goals yet gets stuck over and over again.


Her company evolved...

Nov 25, 2016

Drew shares how powerful a touch is in the different aspects of our lives. He also shares that not all relationships with the people you work with or come to know will have happy endings but what’s most important is that you grow because of it. Look at it as a blessing because without that experience, you wouldn’t...

Nov 23, 2016


Mark Sieverkropp is a blogger, coach, and an affiliate manager. He believes in always connecting with people and building relationships.

He admits that before being an entrepreneur he was was frustrated because he had no control over time.  

Then he realized that what’s actually most challenging with being an...

Nov 21, 2016

Beverly Fells Jones is an International speaker on the topics of Intuitive Memory, Law of Attraction, Success, and Conscious Living. She has started coaching after a full career and has always had a side business and decided to simply not sit down after retiring.

She came upon The Secret and realized that she has been...