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The Nicole Holland Show

Jan 31, 2017

This is a double whammy!

Creating online courses & programs to generate passive income is a hot topic that just about everyone wants in on.

Today I've got two resources for you...

First of all, my friend Danny Iny has some awesome freebies available right now at if you'd like to start creating...

Jan 25, 2017

Sunil Bhaskaran is a master at leveraging the online platform to build both an online and offline audience of ideal customers and clients who quickly get to know, like, and trust you.

He's mentored thousands of business owners and professionals since 1991 and runs a networking meetup organization of...

Jan 24, 2017

Don't let your location or lack of a meeting facility hold your business back!

With a zoom account you get a virtual meeting space that practically replicates what you could do in a physical office!

Sign up for FREE at

Jan 23, 2017

Karen Dimmick is the author of 47 Mind Hacks for Writers and co-founder of, the "author tech" specialists.

She has been helping authors for the past 8 years, from first time writers to an established, 5 times, New York Times bestselling author.

As a lifelong book lover, Karen firmly believes that...

Jan 20, 2017

Rachel S. Lee is an internet marketer, speaker, author, and coach.

She helps others in the speaker, author, coach industry to get VISIBLE online and offline.

She is an expert in social media, speaking gigs, and rapidly writing books.

Check out Rachel's book, Transform Your Reality from Amazon and learn more about her...