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The Nicole Holland Show

Jun 14, 2017

Charles Byrd is a Silicon Valley veteran with a deep background in technology, marketing, and education.  He has founded and led multiple enterprise wide departments at a billion dollar software company and managed programs with budgets exceeding $5mm.

Charles is a public speaker, trainer, and life long learner.  He passionately combines technology and productivity and is a recognized expert in the field.

He produces impactful productivity courses - teaching and presenting to thousands.

He is also the founder of the company Byrd Word, LLC – specializing in productivity training, marketing, and technology to expand his reach.  He specializes in the tools and workflows that will organize your team, reduce your anxiety, and x2 your business.

Charles has a passion for helping business owners be more productive in everything they do by teaching them how to organise the information they receive in effective ways.

He is currently designing a membership program and mapping out all the different tools that help his clients to simplify the difficult.

His advice for entrepreneurs who are transitioning from their stable 9-to-5 is to fully commit to your business, and to take advantage of the many experts available and willing to help.

Getting support from those who are already where you want to be makes the process so much easier than figuring it all out by yourself. When you surround yourself with like minded, successful, and motivated people you’ll naturally shift from dreaming about what’s possible to living it.

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