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The Nicole Holland Show

Jan 12, 2017


This month's Client Attraction theme is Podcast Guesting. 

Subject-matter expert Nicole Holland will give an educational presentation about how to attract new clients by getting booked as the featured guest on podcasts, followed by a live Q&A period.

Recently named in The Huffington Post as one of “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs In 2017”, Nicole Holland helps entrepreneurs, authors, and busy CEOs get featured on top ranked podcasts to increase their visibility and personal celebrity for greater impact, influence, and income. 

You can learn more about Nicole at


"I had to cram & juggle to make it to this session, but I'm glad I made it a priority! To be honest, I didn't think podcasting/guesting was relevant for my first aid training business, but before the webinar was done I was getting all kinds of ideas! Thank you, Nicole!!" - Doris F., St. Catherines, ON


*** Please note that all Virtual Series: Client Attraction Sessions are FREE, open to the public, and take place online. 

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