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The Nicole Holland Show

Oct 18, 2017

Jordan Gill is the Head Honcho of a business operations firm - The Kolada Group-

that  serve service-based and digital product business owners who are wasting their time on manual tasks that could easily be automated or delegated.

She love giving entrepreneurs  their time back to work more in their zone of genius OR even take more vacations!

Jordan found her passion in helping business owners streamline their workflow and freeing up time to focus on the important things.

She shares the ups and downs of starting her business and gives details about her 5 minutes client onboarding process.

She talks about the importance of responsiveness, anticipating the needs of your clients and the benefits of automating certain aspects of business.  

Learn more about Jordan and take her free quiz to find the right tools for your biz and budget at

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Nicole & Jordan both recommend reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks