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The Nicole Holland Show

Apr 26, 2017

Rob Dial started in sales at 19, was promoted to run a franchise with the company at 21 and grew it to a multimillion dollar business.

He's proud to have broken almost every record for a new office in the company's 60-year history and has since moved on to building a coaching practice that runs alongside his podcast -- the MWF Motivation Podcast which hit #1 in 6 categories on New & Noteworthy.

Now focusing on growing his podcast to 1 million downloads per month, Rob's intent on impacting as many people as possible to find out what their purpose in life is, and to inspire them to follow their purpose and live to their true potential.

Learn more about Rob Dial at

Books recommended by Rob:

Miracle Morning by Hal Erod

Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle by Jim Rohn

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