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The Business Building Rockstars Show with Nicole Holland

Feb 14, 2017

Record your voice using this FREE and simple online recorder at

All you do is give the tool permission to access your camera and microphone from your computer, tablet, or smartphone and then hit the record button.

When you’re finished the tool will render your recording as an MP3 file automatically.

You can listen to it there and if you like it, simply download the file to your computer or upload it into your dropbox account.

If you don’t like the sound of it, just leave it be and create a new recording. Easy peasy!

I’ve personally used this tool to create quick MP3 files on the go to share with my team, with friends, clients, and also to have other people record for me.

For example, my new podcast called Get Guest Ready launches next week and I asked some of my friends and colleagues to record audio bits for me.

It was super simple to just send them to to create the recordings and then they could either email the MP3 to me or send me the link to it in their dropbox.