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The Nicole Holland Show

Sep 6, 2017

Cardiff D. Hall has a passion for life and helps individuals gain clarity so they can achieve.

With 25 years of experience in marketing and sales as a Sales Executive, he has a desire to live life with a purpose, impacting adults and most recently children, in his Tide Turners Kids Entrepreneurs Program.

His first book entitled: Tide Turners, earned a # 1 new release on Amazon in January.

He is an individual who radiates positivity and coaches individuals by helping them turn the tide in their life to achieve.

Cardiff recounts the inspiring story of how he found purpose in life.

He shares his harrowing journey from working in corporate America to standing in the unemployment lines.

He talks about pushing past negativity, focusing on his agenda and turning the tides.

Cardiff gives phenomenal advice about moving forward and taking action on your dreams.

Visit to take advantage of the assessment and resources Cardiff has put together to help you turn the tide or keep up the momentum in your life.

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