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The Nicole Holland Show

Jun 5, 2019

Frank Bria began his entrepreneurial career in the financial services technology sector. He worked with several startups, some selling for hundreds of millions of dollars, and some crashing in flames. His experience includes helping some of the largest corporations on 5 continents grow their businesses by making a real impact on their customers – and turning that into a scalable offering. He now turns that experience to the small business sector. He works with consultants and business authors to pivot away from “project-based” and hourly revenue - basically trading time for money. Frank’s clients build their businesses around productized services where you leverage your time across multiple clients – and not just one. He is author of the internationally bestselling book Scale: How to Grow Your Business by Working Less and the father of 3 beautiful daughters.   Website Facebook LinkedIn Instagram Podcast Click Here to Tweet to Frank & Nicole Create a High Ticket, “Gotta Have It” Productized Service That’s Repeatable In this episode Frank Bria, author of the internationally bestselling book Scale: How to Grow Your Business by Working Less, shares why he believes what most business gurus teach about starting small when you’re starting out is completely backwards, and why you’ll be much better off if you create high-ticket offers from the very beginning. Frank challenges popular beliefs around what is possible in service-based businesses like coaching and consulting and he states; “If you have something of value to offer your audience, you should be paid your value.There’s no reason you should be paid less that $10k.” We also dig into why everyone needs a business mentor and where to find yours, how to ditch the fancy funnels and manipulative sales tactics, and much much more. You’re going to adore Frank as much as I do by the end of episode, so let’s get to it! In This Episode You Will Learn Why the “Start Small” Business Model Is Completely Backwards How to Get Off the 6-Figure Hamster Wheel Challenge the Belief That It Isn’t Possible to Charge More Break Through the Conventional Mold and Become a Scalable Consultant Ditch the Fancy Funnels and Manipulative Sales Tactics Forget Having a Huge Following First (You Don’t Need One) Why Everyone Needs a Business Mentor and Where to Find Yours    Continue the Conversation with Frank Find Frank's Facebook here. Get a jump start on your own high ticket offer with Frank’s step-by-step blueprint here. Click Here to Tweet to Frank & Nicole