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The Nicole Holland Show

Jun 14, 2018

So often, we let our adversity define us and we struggle with figuring out how to define our adversity. In his book, The Crucible’s Gift, Dr. James Kelley of the Executive After Hours podcast provides entrepreneurs and leaders the ability to think about the outcomes of adversity in a way that's positive and beneficial for them and those around them in the community so they have the ability to thrive in adversity. Dr. Kelley also talks about his podcast which is predicated on interviewing executives about their personal journey with the consistent theme of struggle, resolve, transformation, and better leadership. --- Thank you to Carrie Roldan for introducing today’s episode. What she loves about The Business Building Rockstars Show is the quality of the guests Nicole has and her ability to bring something different out of each guest. It's not your normal business advice and tips show. If you would like to introduce an episode and share your love for the Business Building Rockstars show, go to Dr. James Kelley of Executive After Hours on How to Thrive in Adversity I'm here with Dr. James Kelley. Welcome to the show, James. Thank you so much, Nicole, for having me. I feel like that's a loaded question when you ask somebody who they are because to answer that succinctly is quite complicated. As an individual, we are many parts. We are multiple parts of a person. I'm a dad, I'm a professor, I'm an author, I'm a podcaster, I'm an athlete, I’m a bald community guy. There are a lot of ways to define myself, but if I was to define myself, I'm just a genuine person who tries to do right. I try to be right by doing right. That's probably the simplest way to explain myself. Sometimes when we go into professional bios, they’re great for positioning, but sometimes they lose the human touch and the human aspects. How are you serving and supporting people this way? As you said, you're a podcaster, you’re an author, you’re a professor, take my audience and I into how you're serving entrepreneurs as an entrepreneur. The best way I serve entrepreneur is probably through my book. The title of the book is The Crucible’s Gift: 5 Lessons From Authentic Leaders who Thrive in Adversity. You can also get that on Amazon in Canada. The book is my servant mentality. I can't promise you to read it and your life will change tremendously. The people that recommended the book are quite significant leaders in the community. Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, who's written a whole bunch of leadership books that makes number one at different times in his career. Bill George, who has written the Authentic Leadership and the books, a Harvard professor, a former Medtronic CEO, and also Jon Berghoff. They've all said a similar thing. They said, "This book allows you to frame your adversity in a way that's positive." Often, we let our adversity define us and we struggled with figuring out how to define our adversity. My book that I'm providing entrepreneurs and leaders in general is the ability to think about the outcomes of your adversity in a way that are beneficial for you and those around you in the community. How did you come up with the clarity and vision to write about this? It came from two parts. It's like an ingredient, a recipe that I was trying to make something. The first part comes from the idea of my podcast, Executives After Hours. The idea of the podcast is similar to yours. The slogan that I have is, "I care about who you are, not what you do because who you are defines what you do." I take my audience, similar to you, on a journey, but I start all the way back to childhood. We talk about everything on my podcast. What I've found in my podcast was this constant theme of struggle, resolve, transformation, and better leadership. It’s this consistent theme and I could tell you people like Bridgette Mayer, if you look at my book, these are all people who exceed in leadership, who had major adversity moments in their life that transformed t...