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The Nicole Holland Show

Jan 31, 2019

In this episode, I talk with Chris Badgett, also known as the “online course guy,” about his powerful course building tool for WordPress powered websites called LifterLMS, a free, open-platform WordPress powered plugin ideal for both beginner course creators and established entrepreneurs looking to scale. LifterLMS allows users to produce unlimited courses from simple online content to advanced training-based, and paid membership websites. Chris shares how LifterLMS is an invaluable solution for a spectrum of users from the knowledge-based authority (like coaches, public speakers, and authors), those with the publisher’s mindset (such as content curators, and marketers), and internal trainers (providing tutorials, and team or customer onboarding). Chris is passionate about helping users get their online course website up quickly to validate the product and establish cashflow and the mission of LifterLMS is to democratize education in the digital classroom so that course creators can truly change the world. Click Here to Tweet to Chris & Nicole In This Episode You Will Learn How to Create Impactful Learning Management Systems Using LifterLMS Why a Learning Management System is Superior to the Typical Membership or Course Delivery Sites Why Owning the Real Estate Your Course is Built On Is Vastly Beneficial For Content Creators 3 Types of Business Owners Who Will Benefit Most From LiferLMS (Are You One of Them?) How to Integrate Coaching + Courses + Community All In One Place Using LifterLMW to Develop Evergreen Training For New Employees The Power of Pre-Selling to Get Market Validation for Maximum Sales How to Solve the 5 Hats Problem That Holds You Back The 3 Steps to Creating a Successful Course (It’s Not In the Order You Think!) How to Build a Course in 30 Minutes Or Less - Even If You’re Not Tech Savvy Continue the Conversation with Chris Learn how to build an online course website from scratch in 15-minutes, even if you're not a techie. Use discount code HOLLAND for 20% OFF anything in the store! Website Podcast LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Instagram Click Here to Tweet to Chris & Nicole Chris Badgett is known as “the online course guy.” He created successful online courses, created a gardening course publishing business with experts around the world, and is the CEO of the popular fast growing course building tool for WordPress powered websites called LifterLMS. LifterLMS helps online course creators convert their expertise and life experiences into income by creating impactful online courses.  Before Chris built LifterLMS with his team, his company built custom course and membership platforms for clients. Some of those platforms gross over 1 million dollars per year and continue to do so year after year. Chris even hosts a podcast for course creators and education entrepreneurs called LMScast. There are over 200 episodes on LMScast. That’s how passionate he is about online courses, membership sites, and learning management systems. Chris Badgett is the #1 go-to person for discovering how to create an online course business, add courses to an existing business, and use courses to generate more leads and sales.