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The Nicole Holland Show

Apr 17, 2019

Ron is the Founder and CEO of Generosity Feeds – a national for-purpose organization that mobilizes thousands of volunteers in cities around America to address the local needs of hungry children through meal creation events. Generosity Feeds is igniting a movement of generosity. As a sought out speaker, trainer, and consultant Ron advocates generosity while equipping organizations and leaders to engage in a mission that brings peace and prosperity to their cities. He specializes in assisting businesses and non-profits in community engagement, social innovation, and inspiring higher purpose.   Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Click Here to Tweet to Ron & Nicole How to Use Your Influence to Be a Force for Good   In this episode, I talk with Ron Klabunde, Founder and CEO of Generosity Feeds, a national non-profit organization that addresses the local needs of hungry children across America through meal creation events, about the difference between simply “doing good” and being a FORCE for good in a way that benefits both communities and businesses alike. Ron knows that at the heart of it all, each one of us has the desire to make a difference and know that what we do in the world day in and day out ultimately has a higher purpose. Whether it’s through feeding the hungry or some other force-for-good mission that finds us, Ron believes everything we do should meet a human need. He tells me, “Regardless of where any one of us is in life, we all want to make a difference, we want to serve and be generous.” Ron and I deep dive into how we can leverage the social impact of our business or influence to BE that force, how to unite people around shared values for a common cause, why we need to build generous deeds into the DNA of our business from the very start and many more gems of wisdom. In This Episode You Will Learn The Difference Between Doing Good and Being a FORCE for Good Allowing Our Mission in Life to Find Us How to Inspire Generosity Within Your Business for Greater Impact Leveraging Social Impact for the Benefit of Business AND Community Why When Employees Know Their Job Has a Higher Purpose, They’re Easier to Retain The Power of Uniting People Around Shared Values for a Common Cause Being Leaders of Integrity in Our Business to Meet the Needs of Others How to Build Impactful Good Deeds into the DNA of Your Business from the Very Beginning (And Why You Should Sooner Rather Than Later!) Continue the Conversation with Ron Learn more about Ron and his mission here or talk with him personally about ideas for serving YOUR community at Click Here to Tweet to Ron & Nicole