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The Nicole Holland Show

Feb 28, 2019

Jason Hsiao is the co-founder and Chief Video Officer of Animoto, an award-winning online video maker that makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality marketing videos, even if they have no technical skills and have never created a video before. With the mission of empowering everyone to create powerful videos regardless of age or experience, Jason founded Animotowith his high school and Dartmouth College friends back in 2006. Animoto’s certified partnerships with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the Small Business Administration give it unique insight into the changing social media and business landscape -- which may be why more than 1-million businesses around the world are already using Animoto to create marketing videos. Prior to founding Animoto, Jason was a producer for MTV Networks and Comedy Central. Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Click Here to Tweet to Jason & Nicole How to easily make videos with Animoto It’s 2019 and by now it’s pretty obvious that social media videos are here to stay. As Jason Hsiao from the video editing software Animoto explains, “We’re living in a video first world. It’s everywhere -- people want videos.” Whether you’re a online hobbyist with a side hustle or a sprawling enterprise company, having a video marketing strategy is a must these days. Even if you’ve never created a video before, there’s no reason to feel intimidated. Video editing software like Animoto makes creating high quality, professional videos drag and drop easy (really). Is Animoto right for you? Here we take a behind the scenes tour and tutorial of the software with creator Jason Hsiao. To view this tour on well . . . video, be sure to watch the interview above.   Why your business needs to include video marketing for social media Although various different social platforms have come in and out of Vogue, video has only grown in importance, it’s literally everywhere; people want videos and they love to share videos. But if you’ve never created even a simple one minute video for your marketing strategy before, it can seem like an intimidating process -- that's where Animoto comes in. Jason and his team at Animoto know what actually makes for successful video marketing on social media, and they know busy entrepreneurs don’t always have the time to learn a new software. Their aim is to help people cut right to the chase and do what works. That’s why with Animoto you can easily have a video ready to share within minutes -- yes, it’s really that easy! In addition, you can also use Animoto video editing on android or ios, perfect for quickly creating videos on the go. It’s important to remember that videos are not a one and done social media marketing technique you check off your list. It's a form of communication, where we’re able to speak with our audience regularly, just like any other form of content.   Why video marketing for social media is drag and drop easy with Animoto Animoto provides pre-made templates called “storyboards.” This is actually one of the best values of Animoto for folks that either don't know where to start or just need some inspiration. There are literally all sorts of different types of videos Animoto has analyzed to determine what makes for successful video. All you have to do is open them right up and start, dragging and dropping your own content in to immediately start making your own video. You literally cannot mess this up even if you have zero experience! Whether it's a company overview or how to a product demo, interview, testimonial, an event, recap, an announcement, a blog teaser, a newsletter, Animoto enables you to create it. The sky's the limit! Built-in features of the Animoto video editing software  Storyboard templates Drag and drop functionality -- easily add in or duplicate image or video blocks and move wherever you wish Easily change the aspect ratio (square or rectangular) Add your own logo and branding