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The Nicole Holland Show

May 15, 2019

Henry is a serial entrepreneur and business coach, with over 34 years of diverse business experience, including successful careers in the information technology industry, sales, sales training and business ownership. His current business ventures include: co-founder of Levante Business Group (supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners), co-owner of iTopIt (a self-serve frozen desserts restaurant in Colorado Springs), co-owner of Wild Blue Car Wash (an exterior-express car wash in Colorado), Mojave Systems (offering Task & Maintenance Management software solutions for the car wash industry), and L3 Destinations (a Travel Agency co-founded with his wife). Henry is also the co-host of The How of Business podcast, and The How of Carwashing podcast.   Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Podcast Click Here to Tweet to Henry & Nicole Working With Family in Business - Is It Right For You? In this episode, I talk with multi-business owner Henry Lopez, a serial entrepreneur and business coach, with over 34 years of diverse business experience as the creator over 5 seperate businesses including Levante Business Group which supports entrepreneurs and small business owners, about finding your passion project (or projects) and how to make being a multi-franchise owner work for you. For Henry, it’s all about the creation process and enjoying the journey of creating a business from the ground up. As he tells me, “Enjoy the journey of creating a business. What we’re all subject to as business owners are these arbitrary and external measures of success. Enjoy the creation. It’s about creating.” Henry shares the lessons he’s learned about business creation, transitioning from a corporate job to being an entrepreneur, how to choose the right partners in business that will help you grow not slow you down, the importance of developing the unique details that represent you and set you apart in your business, how to stay focused and true to yourself when setting business goals, how to handle competition within your chosen field and many more nuggets of wisdom. In This Episode You Will Learn Lessons Learned As A Multi-Franchise Owner - How to Make It Work For You Finding Your Passion Areas In Business and Life How to Successfully Transition From a Corporate Job to Being Your Own Boss The 2 Types of Business Owners - Making the Most of Your Personal Style Why You Need to Be Methodical About Who You Choose to Do Business With Learning From Disney - How to Develop the Details In Your Business That   Represent You Enjoying the Journey and Freedom of Creating Your Own Business Keeping Your Focus and Being True to Yourself in Your Business Goals Continue the Conversation with Henry You can find Henry’s podcast and schedule a free business coaching consultation here Click Here to Tweet to Henry & Nicole