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The Nicole Holland Show

Apr 24, 2019

To say Tom has been through a few things in his 30+ years of being an entrepreneur is an understatement. He’s definitely had more failures than successes, but wouldn’t have it any other way. He sold His fitness business which he owned for 9 years a year ago to become the Impact Pilot, helping entrepreneurs generate more income through better sales strategy and using stories to sell. Tom has a BFA Degree in Theatre from DePaul University in Chicago, and holds his private pilot license for single engine airplanes, which was a lifelong dream he achieved in 2013. He’s been a contributor to CBS Radio in Houston, a guest on Great Day Houston television show, Univision Television, Fox 26 News, KPRC Channel 2 and The CW Houston.  He is also a presenter at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Houston.   Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Click Here to Tweet to Tom & Nicole How to Use Personal Stories to Make Your Sales More Successful In this episode, I talk with Tom Jakobs, founder of the Impact Pilot, which helps entrepreneurs generate more income through better sales strategy by using stories to sell. With a BFA Degree in Theatre from DePaul University in Chicago, Tom understands the impact of a compelling story and has mastered the art of crafting powerful stories that allow business owners to better connect with their audience for more successful sales. In his 30-some years as an entrepreneur, Tom has seen his fair share of failures and disappointments. As he shares his personal story of hitting rock-bottom in his business, we learn the ultimate lesson he took away from those struggles and how this shaped his business into the success it is today. He tells me, “We’re told [as entrepreneurs] we can do anything. Just hustle, hustle, hustle and everything will be ok. Well that’s complete BS . . . We need to ask for help from others.” Through having the courage to ask for help Tom eventually developed what he calls Dramatic Impact Storytelling, a dynamic way of sharing your own personal story for better sales in your business. How do we know what story we should tell? According to Tom, “Look at the impact moments of your life and why they’re important to you . . . The ones that make you say, ‘I’m not sure I can share that,’ that’s exactly why you have to share it. If you can’t, you must.” We also talk about why storytelling works, how introverts can overcome their fear of sales, how to work through the emotion of telling your personal stories with others, how to design a business that support you and your vision of the future, and many more insights. In This Episode You Will Learn Overcoming Failures As An Entrepreneur The Dramatic Impact Storytelling Academy Having the Courage to Ask For Help When You’re Floundering In Your Business How to Shift the Way You View Making Sales Why When People Know You Better, They’re More Likely To Buy From You How Introverts Can Overcome Their Fear Of Sales Crafting Your Own Impactful Signature Story Continue the Conversation with Tom Claim you free gift, 7 Steps to Creating Your Own Story That Sells at You can also follow Tom on instagram at Click Here to Tweet to Tom & Nicole