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The Nicole Holland Show

Apr 26, 2018

Non-business people often think that successful business owners are also great sales people. More often than not, business owners hate sales simply because they know that it is their weakness. Author of “The Perfect Close” James Muir understands this situation very well and shares the secret to closing sales is to either hire people to do the sales for you or you learn how to make The Ideal Advances. You do this by going to a meeting and knowing already what you want to have happen and then you offer your prospects the service for that outcome. --- Thank you to Cardiff D. Hall, author of Tide Turners for introducing today’s episode. What he loves about The Business Building Rockstars Show is Nicole, first off, is a rockstar herself. The level and the depth of questions that she asks the guests are insightful and make you want to listen a little bit more as you drive or jog or walk or whatever you do to listen to podcast. Her energy is contagious. If you would like to introduce an episode and share your love for the Business Building Rockstars show, go to James Muir on the Secret to Closing Sales I am so excited to welcome James Muir to the Business Building Rockstars Show. How are you doing, James? I'm super, Nicole. Thanks for having me on. I have to let my audience know how honored I am to have you here. I have struggled with sales for a very long time and even though I'm getting better and better every day, it's been a challenge to me to sell my own services. Back in the day when I had a corporate training firm, I had no problem with sales because I was selling the company. I was selling the service. I've shifted into a model where I'm selling myself. This has been a challenging path for me to take since I started being an online entrepreneur. I've searched and searched, and I've hired coaches and I've been in programs and I learned all of the sales strategies and tactics and I've yet to find something or I had not found something that felt good to me and felt like I could be me and show up and give value. It led me to a search of all places on audible because one day I had enough, and I went, "I'm too good not to share what I've got and I'm not good enough at "selling" to help the people that I want to help and that's got to change now." I found your book, The Perfect Close and since then I've probably listened to it five or six times every time I'm in the car. I was so excited about finally finding something aligned with who I am and you're amazing at breaking down simply how to serve and sales being a service to people. Then I reached out and I was like, "I got to have you on the show," and I'm honored to have you here. I’ll turn it over to you to share your thoughts and share with our audience why you decided to write The Perfect Close. You’re almost exactly the person that the book was written for. How I got in sales is I started as an operations person in a family-owned rev cycle service. It's basically a billing service. I'd often go out with the sales reps as the subject matter expert. When the customer would ask the hard questions, the sales guy wouldn't know the answer, so I'd be the guy to answer that. Then I opened up an office in a remote location and they needed somebody who knew something about the business to sell. I got drafted into that. I'm this technical person in sales and you can only imagine what that's like because I'm very type A. I could be a CPA. I created this process diagram that says, "The customers are going to do this, so I'm going to do this. The customer's going to do this, I'm going to do this." I would give this to the client and say, "Here you go. This is what we're going to do." Sometimes it works, sometimes it would go over poorly. The short version is, I didn't know at that time. I turned to start reading books like you. 90% of the stuff out there is all about persuasion or about manipulation. That is not at all what selling is about.