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The Nicole Holland Show

May 31, 2018

Personal branding is key. Jeremy Slate, founder of the Create Your Own Life Podcast, specializes in using podcasting and new media to create celebrity. For him, boosting a company’s brand is more than just strategic visibility and conversion. He’s more focused on helping them identify their message and their mission and how they can express that. He adds that building a community around this goes a long way. He believes you can optimize personal branding and getting your message out through podcast guesting because you're building an asset that you can then put behind any business you want to do. He helps companies or entrepreneurs build awareness for what it is they're doing and creating that awareness on the right shows, promoted in the right way, and connecting with the audience in the right way. --- Thank you to Tess Hansel, owner and Founder of Dry Swan Bladder Control in Queensland, Australia for introducing today’s episode. What she loves about The Business Building Rockstars Show is the variety of guests and their genuine desire to share their expertise. I also love how Nicole asks the right questions and manages to uncover those precious golden nuggets of knowledge that make all the difference when it comes to building a business online. BBRS rocks.   If you would like to introduce an episode and share your love for the Business Building Rockstars show, go to Jeremy Slate of Create Your Own Life Podcast on Podcast Guesting Hello, Jeremy Slate. Welcome to the Business Building Rockstars Show. I am stoked to be here since I know we've both been following each other for awhile. You've done a lot in the podcasting space and it's cool to hang out. We've also met a couple of times and I've enjoyed that. Meeting in person definitely is super powerful and I've been talking a lot with my tribe about that. I have put together some live events that people are coming out for and it's a lot of fun. When we connect with others personally in a deeper way, we can open up so many doors and possibilities. We're going to do things a little bit different than I usually do. We'll get some of your back story and everything, but you and I, for all accounts and purposes, are direct competitors. We service different people. We have very similar things that we do, which is we focus on podcast guesting. Before we met, there was maybe a bit of assumption about who the other person was or how they operated or something like that. By meeting in person and by having a number of conversations, we like each other. It was at Podcast Movement and I was like, "Nicole, I don't not like you because we do the same thing." I gave you a hug. I'm like, "I'm totally not that kind of person.” I love people. You do what you do, I do what I do. We're podcasters. We love each other and it's great. I saw you at Podfest and I was like, "Whatever." I talked to you a couple of times and I was like, "I'd love to learn about you and refer," and you were like, "We don't do that. We've got a brand ambassador thing." I'm like, "Whatever." It's taken us a while to develop a relationship and I'm so appreciative that we have. This is something that everyone can learn a lot from. Oftentimes, we know of others who are doing the same thing or similar things. We're not doing the same thing. Nobody ever is. However, similar things and having similar messaging and a lot of times people think, "I don't want to play with that person,” or, “I don't want to tell them anything because that could hurt my business." I'm looking forward to talking about that. Before we jump into it in too much detail, why don't you let everyone know how you discovered that podcast guesting was something you wanted to teach about and help people do themselves and how you got started in that pivoting from what you were doing. I've been podcasting for quite a while and I had been through a lot of different businesses. I hadn't figured out like,