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The Nicole Holland Show

May 24, 2018

Being an entrepreneur is the hardest thing in Krystal Covington’s life. Krystal had been working in the corporate world as a business marketing consultant for over ten years before switching to public relations, until she eventually decided to focus full time on the women's organization, she’s been running on the side. In 2014, she launched Women of Denver, a social enterprise women's organization that has grown from just five women at her first event to over 1,000 members today. She shares that whether you’ve got a big crowd at your events or just a handful of people, the show must go on. You have to show up and give it your best. The people who are there came for the value you are providing and want to be there. Treating them like they’re the best human being in the world is the reason people start to care and begin to come more.