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The Nicole Holland Show

May 24, 2018

Being an entrepreneur is the hardest thing in Krystal Covington’s life. Krystal had been working in the corporate world as a business marketing consultant for over ten years before switching to public relations, until she eventually decided to focus full time on the women's organization, she’s been running on the side. In 2014, she launched Women of Denver, a social enterprise women's organization that has grown from just five women at her first event to over 1,000 members today. She shares that whether you’ve got a big crowd at your events or just a handful of people, the show must go on. You have to show up and give it your best. The people who are there came for the value you are providing and want to be there. Treating them like they’re the best human being in the world is the reason people start to care and begin to come more. --- Thank you to Chris Badgett from LifterLMS for introducing today’s episode. What he loves about The Business Building Rockstars Show is Nicole's ability to interview great guests, getting great ideas out of them, but even more importantly, she really drills in and gets those actionable nuggets of wisdom. Every time Chris listens to the show, he has a takeaway that he can go take action on immediately. If you would like to introduce an episode and share your love for the Business Building Rockstars show, go to Krystal Covington on the Women of Denver and the Power of Connection Welcome, Krystal. Thanks for having me. I'm so excited. I have to give a big shout out to you for your kind feature in one of your articles. You featured me about podcast guesting and I appreciate that so much. Also, what I love in your bio is how you connect with people in such a short little way but powerful way. In 2014, you launched Women of Denver and just five women were in your first event. You kept at it and in less than four years, you're over 1,000 members. This is something that is a big challenge for people with entrepreneurial vision and dreams because they put all this love into what they're doing and so many times people go, "I only got five people at my event or I only sold two or I only this or only that." I'd love to start out talking with you about number one, how did it feel when you created this thing out of your idea and you "only" had five? How did you keep sticking with it over the years to build it to what it is today, which is amazing? It strikes me that you even brought that out, which means that it shows what you value and that you pay a lot of attention to what entrepreneurs are thinking. No one's ever asked me about that. It is one of my values to appreciate the people who are there. I've had events where only one person showed up, so that's less than the first event. Literally, I treated them like I was grateful for them being there. The show still goes on. I will never cancel an event and say, "There's only one person here." No, there's one person here that I need to take care of. This person came for the value we were providing at this event and they want to be here. I need to treat them like they're the best human being in the world. They get the best events of me when I've had those one. I feel like that value, and the fact that I've been able to have the perspective that every single person that's involved is important, is why people started to care and begin to come more. I wanted to quit a lot of times. The reason why people want to quit is because you see these other people, whether it's events or whether it's whatever else it is that you're selling, you see others and it looks like they're doing so much better than you. You say, "If I'm not doing even half as good as they are, then it means nothing." [Tweet "A lot of people prefer and feel like there's more benefit for their money when there's a good online platform. @KrystalGoLead @NiczTheName"] There's an exponential piece to all of this. Those five people might tell five people and then you have ten people.