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The Nicole Holland Show

Apr 3, 2019

Zach Smith is a serial entrepreneur, having never had a “real” job his life. He’s always starting, selling, running, and managing businesses. One of his companies, Funded Today, which has raised over $200 Million for fellow entrepreneurs, just ranked #27 on the INC. 500 List.  At his core, Zach loves helping others turn their dreams, ideas, and inspirations into successful companies.   Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Click Here to Tweet to Zach & Nicole Transforming An Idea to a Finished, Money-Making Product Using Crowdfunding In this episode Zach Smith of Funded Today shares all about the power of crowdfunding. Zach takes us step-by-step through his proven 7-P formula for creating a successful crowdfunding campaign that can transform almost any innovative idea into a finished, money-making product in just 3-months. Zach deeply understands the product creation process, the critical steps to get you there, and the importance of avoiding the trappings of simply offering a “me-too” product. As he says, “The first to market, or even second or third, those do the best. After that it becomes overused, so you’d really better innovate if you’re going to penetrate those sectors.” If you’ve been wanting to crowdfund your idea or project, don’t miss this episode where you’ll learn how to develop your unique selling point, how to determine if your product is innovative enough (and what to do if it isn’t), the best crowdfunding platforms to use (and the secrets to using them effectively), why product presentation always trumps product promotion,Zach’s powerful pre-launch strategy that will get you noticed faster, and even more steps that will ensure you have a viable, successful product launch. In This Episode You Will Learn The 7 P’s Of Crowdfunding Success (And Why You Can’t Skip a Single Step!) Developing Your Unique Selling Point - What Is Your Story? Determining If Your Product Is “Cool” Enough (If It’s Not, It Won’t Sell) How to Turn Ubiquitous Items Into Innovative Must-Have Products The Best Marketing Platforms For Selling Your New Product (And The Secrets To Using Them) Why Product Presentation Always Trumps Promotion The 3-F Pre-Launch Strategy to Boost Your Success How to Use Anchor Pricing to Sell Your Product Faster Factors That Affect The Probability Your Product Will Actually Sell Continue the Conversation with Zach Email him Watch the Triple F Training Video here Access Your Triple F Google Sheet here  Click Here to Tweet to Zach & Nicole