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The Nicole Holland Show

Mar 29, 2018

Every sales transaction starts with a connection, and that connection can either make or break a business deal. Lou Diamond shares his fail-proof tips for helping your company succeed and thrive. His depth of experiences has helped him shape a method of coaching and consulting that helps you develop best practices and skills to connect and thrive, and then transpose those skills into a leadership style that creates a better experience for your company or business. He delivers on the premise that great leaders are master connectors and the best of what sales can be is determined on how well you can connect. --- Thank you to Megan Hall of The Inspired Women Podcast for introducing today’s episode. What she loves about The Business Building Rockstars Show is the wealth of information that Nicole and her guest share on the podcast. She walks away inspired after every single episode she listened to. If you would like to introduce an episode and share your love for the Business Building Rockstars show, go to Listen to the podcast here: [smart_track_player url="" title="Lou Diamond of Thrive LOUD on How to Connect and Thrive to Generate Success" image="" social_linkedin="true" social_email="true"] Lou Diamond of Thrive LOUD on How to Connect and Thrive to Generate Success I'm super excited to have one of my favorite people, Lou Diamond from Thrive LOUD. How is it going? I'm so excited to be here. This is going to be fun. Glad to be here. Thank you for having me. What are you doing now? How are you serving, supporting people today in the highest and best way that you do? We're doing lots of things. I love to work with the most amazing people and companies and make them even more amazing. I do that through my company, Thrive, where we are helping people to connect, to thrive, and in some cases, thrive loud. In a lot of these cases, I'm coaching and consulting top leaders, top performers to make them even more incredible. We have a whole philosophy on how we do that, which is we help them strengthen what I call the connecting core. We go through each one of those nozzles in whether I speak to a large audience, conference, event, doing some group workshops, or one-on-one, that's the focus of what I've been on. [Tweet "The power of connection is what helps grow your business. @ThriveLOUD @NiczTheName"] The podcast show has helped launch into a total different direction, but it’s also helping me connect to the listeners with all these amazing people that are thriving each and every day. Pairing that all together, this whole connecting to thrive is what Lou was all about. It's been unbelievable, the companies and the people we've been working with; entrepreneurs, amazing professionals, seasoned, serious executives as well who are digging down and figuring out how they can do a better job of connecting. We always talk about the power of connection is what helps grow your business. Sales is a speed bump along the way of what you're trying to achieve. I've set much bigger goals and those connections are the way that I'm focused on helping people achieve them. You’re so great at teaching about those, and you’ve got a book about it. You can check out Master the Art of Connecting. I was working with some students in my Rockstar Ready Academy, and this was the exact thing we were talking about. It’s not the sale necessarily to be focused on. That's where a lot of people go wrong is they focus on the marketing to sell their stuff. Whereas if you're looking at the relationships that you can build, you may have a lead or a connection to somebody who is not a right fit for you as a client, but who could be a great collaborator, a referral partner or a friend. When you come from a place of curiosity and exploration about, “Who is this person? How can I serve them?