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The Nicole Holland Show

Jun 28, 2017

Michael Light’s interest in business intuition began 16 years ago, following a life-altering car accident.

In 2010 he received strong intuitive messages to go and live in the Andes.

Even though he didn’t know anyone there and was frightened to move, he did it anyway!

He now spends half of the year in Peru, and travels around the world in the other half.

Michael authored the Amazon best-seller; Intuitive Leadership Mastery and is on a mission to help all business leaders openly utilize their own intuition in business, so that they can make more money and have more joy.

Michael shares many valuable insights in this episode about how having a location-independent business isn’t just a way to make money online but rather an opportunity for personal growth, how past experiences can keep us stuck if we let it, and great actionable strategies for releasing negative beliefs that hold us back from success.

Something very powerful for me personally was when he discussed how to set clear intentions for whatever we do and that the quality of the answer you get from your intuition is directly related to the quality of the questions you ask.

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Sue Morton
over three years ago

I KNEW you were an Aber! xo Really cool interview!