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The Nicole Holland Show

Jul 26, 2018

Hiring the right executive team can require a lot of time, money and effort. But, Cerius Executives is simplifying the whole process by hooking your business up with interim executives.

Pamela Wasley is the CEO of Cerius Enterprises. She is a serial entrepreneur who has personally sold two companies and led a management buyout.

Pam serves on several private boards, and is a frequent national speaker and author on topics such as M&A, Startup Hacks, the Workforce of the Future and the Gig Economy for Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Week, and Fortune.  

She and her business partner recently wrote a book called “How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money: Insider Secrets from Successful Independent Executives.  

Pam also has a weekly podcast herself called Cerius Business Today and is frequently a guest on other business podcasts around the world.

In this episode, Pamela shares how Cerius Executives has collected some of the most talented interim executives that are waiting to take your call and start creating results in your business..

Their interim executives come in for a short time and in a matter of just 2-3 months they have produced real results for your business. They are not wasting any time around the water cooler! It’s Cerius Executives’ try before you buy culture that makes them your best resource for hiring your short term advisory board.

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview:

Learn How Quickly You can Hire Your Own Advisory Board (4:41-7:06)

Sign up for to speak with one of their advisors. Your first call is free and if you like what you hear you can purchase on of their packages starting at 5 hours a month. It’s that easy!

What it Means to Lease an Executive (10:21-12:31)

Hiring an executive can be very expensive and will cost even more if you hire the wrong one. With Cerius Executives you can try before you buy. You can lease an executive to get a lot more for your money and obviously it's going to help your company grow faster than if you were trying to hire/buy a permanent employee.

How Pamela Has Been Able the Best of the Best in Talent (13:57-19:01)

Cerius Executives treats their interim executives as the client too. This culture is what created their reputation of being the best intermediary platform out there.

If you’d like to learn more from Pamela’s, visit to get your FREE copy of “How I Fired My Boss and Made More Money”.

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