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The Nicole Holland Show

May 8, 2019

Yann Ilunga is a podcaster, communication specialist, international speaker and podcasting consultant. He helps entrepreneurs and businesses plan and create podcasts that leave a mark and he helps podcasters with growing, marketing and monetizing their shows. The host of 4 podcasts, Yann teaches podcasting with a brand new format, experiments and special effects on his latest show, The Podcaster Lab. Last, but not least, he's the founder of the world's largest podcasting virtual summit (the Podcast Success Summit) and the creator of what Forbes dubbed 'Podcast Community to Join': the Podcast Growth Mastermind.   Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Podcast Click Here to Tweet to Yann & Nicole Creating Your Own Podcast Marketing Strategy Made Simple In this episode, I talk with Yann Ilunga, a podcaster, podcasting consultant and creator of the Podcast Lab, what Forbes has dubbed the 'Podcast Community to Join,' about creating a podcast marketing plan that's not "generic" but that's specific to your show, your podcasting goals and your unique target audience. While Yann encourages the use of and shares various tools to automate your podcast marketing efforts, he knows marketing is always a dynamic process. As he tells me, “A marketing plan is never finished. There’s always going to be growth opportunities.” We also discuss how to take your podcast to the next level using a simple marketing blueprint, how to turn listeners in to leads, mistakes you’re making that are hurting your growth, why the number of downloads you get is not the best marker of success and strategies you can use to ensure continual growth in your business. Save yourself time and frustration by using Yann’s tips before you start your own podcast. In This Episode You Will Learn The Marketing Blueprint to Take Your Podcast to the Next Level The 4 W’s That Are Critical to Developing Your Podcast  How to Find and Target Your Ideal Audience 3 Things That Help You Leverage Your Marketing to the Fullest How to Turn Listeners Into Leads and Leads Into Sales Mistakes You’re Making in Your Podcast That Are Stunting Your Growth Continue the Conversation with Yann Find all the resources mentioned in this episode and sign up for Yann’s Podcast Mastermind at Click Here to Tweet to Yann & Nicole