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The Nicole Holland Show

Jun 26, 2019

Josh Fonger is a business performance architect and the co-founder of Work The System. He is an international business consultant, coach, and speaker. He’s had the unique experience of personally helping hundreds of businesses grow simply, using the WTS Method. His specialty is taking stressed out entrepreneurs from working “in” their business to working “on” their business using systems so that profit and freedom become a consistent mechanical reality.   Website Facebook LinkedIn Podcast Amazon Click Here to Tweet to Josh & Nicole 3 Steps For Building Robust and Long-Lasting Systems In this episode, I chat with Josh Fonger, business performance consultant and the co-founder of Work The System, a method for growing businesses by developing repeatable and sustainable systems which is currently helping hundreds of businesses to scale profitably. Josh has learned how to prioritize his life and work responsibilities in a way that greatly reduces stress and overwhelm, gives him more time, and streamliness his entire business process for greater long-term growth and profits. He emphasizes the importance of building effective systems within your business with a simple analogy. He tells me, “[Your] job is not to put fires out. It’s to build systems that prevent the fires from happening in the first place.” Josh shares 3 steps for building robust and long-lasting systems, how to audit your daily tasks to see where the holes in your current systems and procedures are, the definition of a successful system, how effective systems will help you to scale your business profitably from the very beginning and the crucial component of doing the right things in the right order. In This Episode You Will Learn Why Building Your Own Business Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful or Chaotic How to Prioritize Your Life and Business in a Way That Reduces Stress and Overwhelm The Critical Component of Doing the Right Things For Your Business In the Right Order How to Scale Profitably From The Very Beginning by Building Systems Why Investing in Repeatable Business Systems is Crucial For Growth The Daily Audit That Identifies the Holes In Your Current Systems and Procedures How Consistent Systems Will Allow You to Save Time and Move to Higher Level Tasks Continue the Conversation with Josh Get a free copy of ‘Work the System’ by Sam Carpenter here. Click Here to Tweet to Josh & Nicole