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The Nicole Holland Show

Mar 13, 2019

Allen Brouwer is a father, a serial entrepreneur, and a productivity, scale, and marketing expert. He’s the co-founder of BestSelf.Co. and the founder of the Brouwer Fund - a private equity firm that acquires growth-oriented e-commerce companies for rapid, sustainable scaling. Allen has a ‘hustle for abundance’ mindset and a passion for work-life harmony. He loves to travel, get out on his boat, and create an experience rich life.   Allen believes life is too short to settle for one-dimensional living. As a student of success, philosopher of personal development, and practitioner of big thinking, Allen pushes limits to see what’s really possible. Website Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Click Here to Tweet to Allen & Nicole Business Growth Strategies Using the L.I.F.E System Do you run your business or does your business run you? Productivity, scale, and marketing expert Allen Brouwer doesn’t believe in hustling in the traditional sense. Unless of course you’re hustling for abundance. In fact, his signature process for scaling your business and creating sustainable growth has been dubbed the “anti-hustle” system. A busy business owner, husband and father himself, Allen knows the value of having a business that runs independently of you while still creating sustainable growth automatically. It’s the ultimate way of achieving work-life balance and a successful, profitable business. In fact, Allen claims the L.I.F.E system will scale your business to 8-figures in just 24 months. Sounds too good to be true? Allen has used this system himself to go from zero figures to a multi-million dollar company in only 2 years. Along with many other notable accomplishments. This process came about for Allen by starting several companies throughout the years. Through failing, figuring out what works and what didn't; hiring many people over the years, whether it was employees, coaches, mentors, courses, seminars, reading books, or going to masterminds, and sucking the marrow out of what everybody used to make them successful. Allen would quickly implement, try and fail, iterate, and find what works. Over the course of the past four years, in 24 months, he built an eight figure business. If you’ve been unable to scale or your business is stagnant, you don’t have enough free time to do the things you should do to grow the business, you’re unsure of how to leverage every dollar, and you’re not sure how to hire the right team, read on to learn the business growth strategies of the L.I.F.E system that will get you there.   The L.I.F.E System for Scaling Your Business While Creating Work-Life Balance at The Same Time To understand how this process works, imagine you're trying to get from where you are to where you want to be. Think of that as being a mountain top and you're trying to get to the very top of the mountain. There are three ways up the mountain. The first way is to follow someone who's just a couple steps ahead. They can let you know what immediate obstacles -- loose rocks, snakes, pot holes -- may lie in front of you. You can better make it up the mountain using their their guidance and direction. Then there are the mentors who are in a Snowcat, so to speak. This would be when you maybe go to a conference or join mastermind groups. Where you can learn from people who you normally wouldn't be able to sit across from or learn from directly. They're pretty far ahead of you and they're able to get up the mountain a lot quicker rather than going step by step. Finally, there are those rare breed of mentors who are really far ahead of you, but are also very important for your success and growth in whatever aspect you want that growth in. They're the people who can help you find the helicopter and take the helicopter to the top of the mountain. This is how the L.I.F.E system works. It’s a fast track to the business growth and success everyone wants.