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The Nicole Holland Show

Jul 26, 2017

Sean Stewart is a speaker, trainer, and mentor for mission-driven coaches and entrepreneurs.  His main focus is helping his clients build thriving business by attracting and enrolling high-end clients. Sean’s clients often come to him with a lack of leads and a fear of asking for the high ticket sale and through his transformation based systems, he helps them solve those problems so they can make the impact and live the freedom lifestyle they dream of.

 Sean has been a featured expert on NBC News, Fox News and in The New York Times and 7 figure business leaders (like Ted McGrath, Lisa Sasevich, and Marisa Murgitroyd) have hired Sean to help their sales teams increase conversions.  

Sean is committed to creating serious transformational results in the lives of individuals. He helps his clients align their inner game with their outer game and gets them the promised results by providing easy to follow strategies, to get results quickly, towards the direction that they want to go.

He researched many training styles and methods and found that courses were very motivational and inspiring in providing people with the WHY and the WHAT, but failed to include the HOW.

According to Sean, Sales is a metaphor for life that can provide a transformational growth opportunity. It’s about confronting things head on, about being able to be present in the face of an uncomfortable moment with an individual and stand for them or be a rock for them.

Sean has a 3-day event coming up in October, called Transformational Sales Mastery. It’s for people that have an aversion to sales, are not getting the right results, feel uncomfortable selling or have value issues. This event will help them to step into a new identity.

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