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The Nicole Holland Show

Jan 31, 2018

Addiction is an epidemic that blurs and crosses all lines. It doesn't matter your gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, where you were born, who you love, or even your age -- addiction affects us all. My friend The Summer Felix and her co-host Erik Kerr of The Draw Shop have put together a top notch program like none other called The Healing Addiction Summit to directly support families, caregivers, healthcare practitioners, friends, colleagues, and anyone who has ever felt helpless or impacted by someone else's addiction. A handful of the incredible speakers that will be sharing their wisdom during this free online event include: Dr. Gabor Maté Dr. Mark Hyman, MD Sean Stephenson Joe Polish Dave Asprey Tucker Max See the full speaker line up and get more details at The ripple effect this event will have on our society as a whole is immeasurable and I'm so excited to support its' mission by bringing Summer onto the #BBRShow to discuss.