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The Nicole Holland Show

May 29, 2019

Raj Jana is the Founder and Chief Brewer at JavaPresse Coffee Company, a brand that creates products to transform your favorite coffee ritual into an extraordinary daily experience. Since launching JavaPresse in 2015, Raj has helped over 180,000 unique customers use coffee as a vehicle to achieve more daily fulfillment, growing the company 10000% since 2015. He is also the host of Stay Grounded, a weekly podcast that shares lessons from inspiring guests to help listeners achieve more fulfillment, success, and happiness in daily life.   Website LinkedIn Twitter Instagram Podcast Click Here to Tweet to Raj & Nicole How to Create a Unique Brand Experience That Goes Beyond a Simple Product In this episode I chat with Raj Jana of the Staying Grounded podcast about how we can truly make an impact with our businesses that align with our highest vision and finding fulfillment in everything we do. Raj is a big believer in choosing happiness and fulfillment by making the decision to be content with what he already has. This is the experience his brand serves up with every cup of coffee they sell. He shares that we don’t need lots of money and we can choose to be happy today with what we already have. We also deep dive into how to create a brand experience for your customers that goes beyond any product, how to become fully aligned with your vision by vividly visualizing your mission, how to build mutually beneficial business relationships, and lots more. In This Episode You Will Learn Transforming a Service Into an Immersive Customer Experience Become Fully Aligned in Your Business By Creating a “Vivid Vision” Build Mutually Beneficial Business Relationships By Working on Personal Growth First How to Lead With Curiosity to Better Connect With Others Creating an Impactful Business Model That Gives Back The Beauty of Using Business to Create a Movement How to Build a Business and Life That Infuses Fulfillment Into Everything You Do Continue the Conversation with Raj Experience the JavaPress movement at Learn more about Raj at and listen to his podcast Stay Grounded Click Here to Tweet to Raj & Nicole